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Ways to Show Your Individuality

Embrace what makes you different and stand out from all of the rest! It’s normal to look at others and wish to have someone’s laugh, charisma, work ethic, or money, but there’s only one you. Be yourself and let your personality shine like the star you are. You only live once, so here are some… Read more »

Best Coffee Grown Around the Globe

Ahhh, coffee (aka liquid gold). This magical drink has a stronghold on so many of us. It’s a morning wake-up call, an afternoon pick-me-up, and sometimes, it’s the perfect thing after a big meal. Maybe the kind of coffee in your region isn’t your cup of joe *wink wink*. It’s important to find what’s right… Read more »

Hilarious Charades Ideas

Charades have been a pastime for, well, forever. Charades have also been a way to communicate when you can’t find the words or you just took a big bite of your favorite food and words would ruin the taste. This game has taught us that sometimes words just aren’t enough. So, let’s step up charades… Read more »

Friendsgiving Must-Haves

‘Tis the season! What’s better than one Thanksgiving? Two Thanksgivings! One day to be grateful for all those around you isn’t enough. Giving thanks should be shared with your closest friends as well! Friendsgiving is the perfect way to celebrate without all the family tension about whether the turkey is dry or not. Take a… Read more »

Tasty Wing Sauce Recipe

Chicken wings are in a class of their own. While the cook and the size are important, what would a good chicken wing be without the right sauce? The sauce is really the helping hand that gives this amazing food its popularity. If there is not the right sauce or the right amount of sauce,… Read more »

Why Dogs are the Best

Man’s best friend didn’t get that nickname for no reason! Our furry friends always find a way into our hearts and become a part of the family. Not that you need a list telling you all the reasons dogs deserve our love, but we are always down to gush about our pups!

Best Salsa Recipe

Chips and salsa are a match made in heaven. Making salsa at home shouldn’t be a task you shy away from. With basic ingredients and only 10 minutes cook time, this is something you should be making more at home! We’re going to share what we believe to be the best salsa recipe so, you… Read more »

90s Playlist

Did you hear?! The 90s are cool again. We all want curtain bangs like Rachel green, bucket hats are the key to a cool outfit and boy bands are all that, and a bag of chips. Let’s flashback to the past with some music we all can’t help but bop our heads to and sing… Read more »

Some Things Worth Splurging On

If self-care is wrong, we don’t want to be right. It’s been stressful the past few months and it’s time you treat yourself! You deserve it. With all this extra time we have had to lie around being stuck inside, we’ve become quite the online shoppers. Check out these products that go above and beyond… Read more »

Bingeworthy TV Shows

We all know the feeling after a long day and you want nothing more than to just sit and watch hours and hours of a good show. With binge-watching becoming the new normal, the journey to find a new show seems to take longer than watching the actual show. To save you some time browsing… Read more »