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Bingeworthy TV Shows

We all know the feeling after a long day and you want nothing more than to just sit and watch hours and hours of a good show. With binge-watching becoming the new normal, the journey to find a new show seems to take longer than watching the actual show. To save you some time browsing… Read more »

How To Upcycle Things Around The House

Sometimes throwing things away is too hard and sometimes it’s too easy. So many household items have more than one specific use, so let’s get creative!  Here is a list of things around the house you can repurpose.

Socially Distant Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about its fair of challenges and obstacles. How we interact with one another and the many activities we love to do together have been impacted as it’s now safest to remain six feet apart. Despite the changes caused by the coronavirus disease, we want to encourage everyone to prioritize keeping… Read more »

Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

There’s always that one. The one person on your Christmas list who is nearly impossible to shop for. You find yourself scavenging the internet for hours to find the perfect gift but they already have everything and, even less helpful, want nothing! The lack of direction leaves you frustrated and feeling less than holly and… Read more »

Places to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

While this year has been filled with new and unexpected events, the holiday season is always something you can count on to help lift your spirits and end the year on a positive note! Whether it be the cool and crisp change in the air outside, spending time with family and friends, or taking on… Read more »

Spookiest Podcasts

It’s officially the spooky season! That means more skeletons, scarecrows, haunted houses, and our personal favorite, horror stories! Get in the Halloween spirit by checking out our list of the top 15 spooky podcasts that are sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We apologize in advance if you… Read more »

Keep Busy On A Rainy Day

Don’t let the rain dampen your mood! There are plenty of ways to occupy your time when you’re stuck in the house! Check out some of our favorite activities during a rainy day that makes the time go quicker and keep us shining. Spring cleaning. Someone has to do it. It’s time to stop putting… Read more »

Road Trip Across America

There’s so much to see right here in the United States! With all the breathtaking natural landscapes, must-see historical sites, and more than 3.7 million square miles of American beauty to explore and discover, it’s no wonder so many people are packing up their cars and heading out on a cross-country adventure. Where to Start… Read more »

Our Favorite Classic Cars

We’ve all dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a super cool, super-fast, vintage automobile. Zooming down the highway, wind in our hair, pedal to the metal, full speed ahead. There are those out there who just want to get from point A to point B but car enthusiasts like ourselves, we know the real… Read more »

Taco Tuesday Recipes

Grab the salsa and margarita mix, it’s Taco Tuesday! We love Mexican food so it’s no wonder why it’s everyone’s favorite night of the week. Stick with classic tacos or change it up with some nachos and enchiladas, there are so many savory options you can choose from. Want to spice up your next Taco… Read more »