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Camping Checklist

Nice weather is just about here and that means it’s time to take to the mountains for some good old-fashioned camping. Now, we’re not saying you have to do everything in the traditional camping sense, but it can be good to know some outdoor basics just to be prepared. You don’t want to get out… Read more »

Growing Your Own Herbs

Do you ever watch a cooking show and get jealous of the chef’s endless supply of fresh herbs and spices? Whether they are running outside to snip off a few leafy greens or have a plant in their kitchen, it makes you wonder how hard it can be to have that for yourself. While there… Read more »

Great Movies for a V-Day In

To go out or stay in on Valentine’s Day is the age-old question. Do you deal with the crowds, expensive meals, and getting dressed up or should you throw on some comfy pajamas, order in some take-out, and turn on a classic Valentine’s Day movie? Well, we can’t tell you what to do, but hopefully,… Read more »

Photography for Beginners

So you love to hit the road, travel to new cities, and explore but your phone’s camera just isn’t capturing the real essence of the trip. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a more professional-grade camera to take with you on your next adventure. We’re not saying go out and just buy the first camera… Read more »

Energy Saving Tips

If you’ve ever experienced being stuck at home with no electricity, you know it isn’t ideal. Our culture is so dependent on technology and having instant access to the things they need that without electricity, it can really pull the plug on your fun. Electricity is an amazing invention, one of our favorites, but isn’t… Read more »

Stay Clean, Stay Green

If you recently missed out on the fact that it was World Cleanup Day, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. The day was developed to tackle the world’s solid waste problem, including marine debris, with a goal of having 5% of the world’s population participate. That amounts to 380 million humans around the globe pitching… Read more »

Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally upon us! After a wet spring season, we are ready to dry off and have some summer fun. Aura Cigarettes has prepared a great bucket list to help you get this party started! Go camping. Get out of the house for a weekend and go off the grid! There’s no better way… Read more »

Aura’s Recycling Tips

Aura's Recycling Tips

Recycling: the act of converting waste into reusable material. It’s something that has come a long way in recent decades, but with the ever-present debate of environmental change on our planet, recycling is more prevalent than ever. If you’re already an avid recycler like we are over here at Aura Cigarettes, great! If not, it’s… Read more »

How to Get Aura into a Store Near You

America: land of opportunity, home of the hotdog, and the place where essentially everything you want is within reach. That last bit there is mostly thanks to our expansive transportation and distribution network across the US that can deliver anything to anywhere. As a country, we’re pretty good at getting things where they need to… Read more »

Inspiration for your New Year Resolutions

Aura Cigarettes is excited about what is to come in the new year and we’ve committed our own resolutions to make sure your Aura Cigarette experience is even better! If you’re looking for a resolution of your own, read below for some inspiration. Reuse. Recycle. It’s incredible the amount of trash that we produce and… Read more »