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Get Cozy This Fall Season

If we could pick any season that gets us to wind down, pick up a glass of hot cider, throw on our favorite sweater, and sit by the fire, Fall takes the trophy. There’s just something about the crisp autumn air that puts us in the mood to bundle up and get cozy and without… Read more »

International Travel Tips

Getting ready to take a flight overseas? Traveling is fun, but knowing what you’ll need can be hard. You may be wondering what you should keep in mind before you board the flight. Luckily, we have some tips for you to be fully prepared before your nice getaway. Do your research The worst thing you… Read more »

How to Improve Your Aura

Keeping your mind and body in one piece can be a lot of work, and because of that, we want to make it a lot less difficult for you to be the ultimate YOU. Here are some ways you can improve your aura to be the best you! Keep the energy that you want to… Read more »

Icy Blended Drinks

Sometimes an icy cold drink is just what we need to cure our cravings. No matter if you want something sweet, something sour, or something with a little twang (if you know what we mean 😉), a blended drink is just what you need. So, get your blender ready to whip up one of these… Read more »

New Look, Same Aura

Let us introduce you to the NEW Aura Cigarettes. Change is good and change is happening. The Aura brand recently just underwent a massive makeover, and we’re excited to finally unveil our highly-anticipated, fresh, and new line of packaging. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our one-of-a-kind tobacco blend to make sure our cigarettes are the… Read more »

Be Conscious of What You’re Gifting Over the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is amongst us, many of our first instincts are to panic buy so we make sure everyone on our list is taken care of. Instead of thinking things through, we tend to overbuy on items that will often be stored in someone’s dark corner of the basement or even worse… Read more »

Classic Albums That Always Sound Better on Vinyl

Good music is hard to come by nowadays. Some music just doesn’t pop like the late great Michael Jackson or make you move like Prince, or even have you rocking out like AC/DC. Often, we find ourselves shuffling through our playlists looking for the right song or album to set the mood, and nothing really… Read more »

Our 80s Playlist

The big hair, the bright colors, the loud makeup, the neon clothing. The 80s reflected a time of great fun, funk, rock & roll, and even wilder times. While some fashion trends and hairstyles may be questionable, one thing that will never go into question is the music of the decade that continues to be… Read more »

Things to do for Yourself Bucket List

A little T.L.C. never hurt anyone. Don’t skip out on some much-needed relaxation. Sometimes you need some pick-me-ups that are just for you after a long week of hard work. Having these activities to look forward to will make your week and work well worth it!  Big or small, self-care is an art and we’re… Read more »

How to Brew the Tastiest Cup of Joe

Has there ever been a good day without a cup of coffee involved? How about we add a little something special to your daily cup of joe? Making your morning cup of coffee can be a little more complicated than you think, but in a lot of ways, it sets your day up to a… Read more »