Can you send me coupons?

Since you’re registered on our site, you’re automatically eligible to receive coupons if and when we offer them. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer coupons all the time, but you can always check out our EXTRAS section to learn about special offers or promotions that may be happening in your area.

What is Naked Tobacco?

When the Aura Cigarette blend is made, the finest tobaccos are sourced straight from the field and then mixed with one ingredient: water. Because the cigarette blend only includes two things, tobacco and water, we like to call it naked.

In an effort to address concerns raised by the FDA with other natural cigarette brands, we voluntarily chose not to use the words natural or additive-free to describe our products going forward. The use of the Aura blend does not reduce the risks associated with smoking and is not safer than other cigarettes.

Does Aura contain organic tobacco?

No. The Aura Cigarette blend is not created with organic tobacco.

Are Aura Cigarettes sold in my area?

Aura Cigarette distribution is always expanding and as a small business, we’re doing our best to cover all areas across the country. Check our store locator first. Occasionally, the product may not be available in your area yet. If you’d like to see Aura in a store near you, drop us a line and then ask your favorite retail shop if they’ll carry the brand for you. We find that is usually the best way to get Aura Cigarettes on a shelf near you.

Can I order Aura directly from your company or online?

No. We do not accept orders via mail, telephone or internet.

Where do you make Aura Cigarettes?

At our headquarters in Grover, North Carolina. We’re nestled right between the State’s tobacco fields and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (which is where you’ll find us on the weekends).