Can you send me coupons?

As a registered member of our site, you’re eligible to receive coupons if and when we offer them, where permissible by law. Be sure to also check out our EXTRAS to learn about what else we can offer you.

What does a Tobacco + Water Blend mean?

When Aura Cigarettes are made, the cigarette blend includes just two ingredients: tobacco and water. It’s as simple as that.

Is Aura made with organic tobacco?

No, Aura does not use organic tobacco in the cigarette blend.

Can I order directly from your company or online?

Nope. Due to tobacco regulations, we are unable to sell directly to consumers or online.

Does Aura come in 100s?

No, Aura is currently only offered in Kings.

Where do you make Aura Cigarettes and where is the tobacco sourced from?

Aura Cigarettes are made right here in the USA – North Carolina specifically – with tobacco leaves sourced from select fields all over the globe.